You are invited to complete this research survey because you may provide care to transgender and gender non-binary patients. This research is being led by Dr. Rama B. Rao. The purpose of this survey is to collect data for a baseline understanding of knowledge amongst different caregivers. About 300 subjects will take part in this study. Completing the survey should take approximately 15 minutes. You will not receive compensation for participating in this survey research. Your survey data will not be linked to your individual identity. We cannot and do not guarantee that you will receive any benefits from this study. We hope the information learned from this study will benefit providers transgender and gender non-binary patients in the future. You may choose not to participate in this study. You can choose to start the survey and stop at any time. If you choose to not participate in the study or to leave the study, your relations with the Weill Cornell Medical College, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, your physicians, or other personnel will not be affected. In addition, you will not lose any of the benefits to which you are entitled. For questions about the study, a research-related injury, any problems, unexpected physical or psychological discomforts, or if you think that something unusual or unexpected is happening, call Rama B. Rao at 917 319 7750. If you have questions about your rights as a research participant, contact the WCMC IRB Office at (646) 962-8200. Your completion of this survey indicates your consent to participate.

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