Pediatric Scientist Development Program ELIGIBILITY FORM
(for PSDP application submission April 15, 2022)
The Pediatric Scientist Development Program (PSDP) is designed to provide research training relevant to specialty areas of pediatrics and to prepare entry-level faculty for research careers in academic pediatrics. Physicians presently in pediatric residency or first year of fellowship who wish to train in basic, translational, clinical or health services research with an established investigator/mentor are encouraged to apply. No patient contact/clinical duties are allowed during the first two years of PSDP-sponsored training unless specifically requested at the time of the application (up to 10% clinical research time can be requested as a component of the research project during Year 1, and up to 15% clinical research time can be requested during Year 2). This Eligibility Form is used to determine the accurate timing of application submission. An online application will be provided once eligibility has been verified.

(Please note, this form is not part of the formal application review)

For most candidates, the PSDP Application will be due on April 15 of the PGY-3 year. The deadline for submitting the Eligibility Form is February 15th in the year your application will be submitted, however it is strongly encouraged to submit an Eligibility Form no later than the fall of the PGY-3 year (or PGY-2 year if fast tracking).

For candidates applying for the NICHD intramural slot, the deadline to submit an eligibility form is March 1st.

All applications to PSDP are to be submitted by April 15, ~15 months before the start of longitudinal protected continuous research time. Refer to our web site for additional details:

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